The Hello Bully Halfway House


In the summer of 2011, Hello Bully purchased a property north of Pittsburgh, PA. The Hello Bully Halfway House is a small, volunteer-run facility that takes in homeless Pit Bulls from the greater Pittsburgh area, as well as survivors of dogfighting, and adopts them out to loving families.


Hello Bully Volunteers enjoy coming out to spend time with the dogs and care for them as if they were their own. Because we do so much one-on-one work with the dogs, volunteers develop strong bonds and ensure our resident dogs get all the love and care they deserve. Our Behavior Team works hands-on with the dogs, rehabilitating them and applying behavior protocols to ready them for their future lives.

Hello Bully’s “Dog Living Room” is set up so that dogs who have never experienced a home environment can get acclimated prior to their adoption! It also helps dogs who are used to living in a home adjust just a little easier to shelter life when they can spend some time in a home setting, just hanging out with volunteers.