Hello Bully Spokesbulls

We are very proud to present our Official Hello Bully Spokesbulls! Hello Bully Spokesbulls are the owned dogs of some of our dedicated volunteers, including some Hello Bully Alumni! Our Official Spokesbulls hold the Canine Good Citizen certification or have been assessed using an equivalent tool and have demonstrated that they are well behaved dogs who can handle various enviornments. Some of our Spokesbulls also hold Therapy Dog titles from various organizations and frequent our local colleges and hospitals to comfort those who need it.

Our Spokesbulls are breed ambassadors for the American Pit Bull Terrier and attend events with their owners to show the public what a typical Pit Bull is! They love people and are incredibly engaging — changing the minds of many people who meet them. Look for them at our upcoming events, or if you’d like to have our Spokesbulls come to your event or institution, please email daisy@hellobully.com