About Hello Bully

Since 2005, Hello Bully has been serving the greater Pittsburgh area and beyond. We are a Pit Bull rescue and much more! Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and repair the reputation of the American Pit Bull Terrier; and to provide assistance to all companion animals of underserved communities with a goal of reducing overpopulation and preserving the human–animal bond. Because of our amazing Hello Bully Volunteers and incredible supporters, we have helped thousands of dogs and owners through rescue and adoptions, spay/neuter, support programs, and community outreach.

Hello Bully is a non-salaried 501c3 non-profit charity registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the Pennsylvania Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations. We are proud to be a grass roots organization, serving our breed and our community for 15 years. Hello Bully is volunteer developed and driven. Our working Board of Directors helps to meet our mission by staying active and engaged in the organization. Hello Bully Volunteers help with day-to-day operations, ensuring that donor dollars go to programs and direct care.

Your support enables us to operate The Hello Bully Halfway House, a small facility where our rescued dogs enjoy life as we work to match them with forever families. Your donations also make possible programs like Pit Fix Plus, Pittsburgh’s only free Pit Bull spay/neuter and vaccine program; and our Pittsburgh Pets Community Outreach program, that reaches out to Pittsburgh’s most under-served communities, providing free veterinary care, food, and pet supplies. Hello Bully is Pittsburgh’s Pit Bull rescue. We’re a little rescue doing big things, and we couldn’t do them without you!